Generating electricity and heating water with nothing but the shining sun.

Why Go Solar? The sun is the predominate source of energy on Earth, so you literally can't help going solar. Oil, natural gas, coal, wood, wind, and hydropower are (or were millions of years ago) made directly or indirectly by sunlight. Some of our wealthiest people have made their fortunes by bottling up and selling solar energy (fossil fuels) to the world’s consumers in the form of products like gasoline, diesel, kerosene and heating oil. More than half of our electricity is made by burning coal, but the sun is free and can be harnessed at a more local level in our yards and on our roofs.

An alternative to buying re-packaged solar energy is to produce your own. The secret is to own the equipment that can harvest solar energy and put it to work for you!

First, you need to develop a solar strategy. In other words, you’ll need to analyze and decide which type of solar equipment will most efficiently, cost effectively, and reliably replace or at least supplement the energy that you are now paying dearly for. There are two common types of solar energy equipment that people can use to create partial or nearly total energy independence for themselves: solar electric and solar thermal (hot water).

Solar Electricity is generated from photovoltaic modules (also referred to as solar panels) and can power a huge range of devices such as water pumps, lighting, computers, power tools, and a wide variety of appliances.

Solar Hot Water, also known as solar thermal, is a method of using water storage panels (collectors) to heat water using only the sun’s warmth. You can mount them on your roof or on the ground just as you would solar electric panels, but they instead directly heat the water inside them, negating the need for a gas or propane burning water heater.